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Roy Rowe, 2007

I just wanted you to know that you worked & serviced my 1980 Honda car for almost 9 years (from 1994 when I moved to charlotte to 2003, bought new cars). I had someone ask me this morning about an "honest" person to work on Honda cars and I thought of your company. Johnny worked on my car most of the time and I always believed he treated me in a very professional & honest manner. I bought two new cars, 2003 Honda Accord & 2003 Pilot which will being coming off warranty soon, so I will be returning to your company for service very soon. It really helps to have someone you can truly depend on to service your cars. Thanks for your years of service.

--reviewer #93952, 2007

2010 - present

2010 - present

They are friendly and honest and offer many services free without appointments. As an example, they will read the engine code and give information on what the problems indicated are without an appointment and without any fee. They also will pre-check a used Honda that you are considering for purchase free of charge. Beyond top notch - the epitome of what a repair shop should be. I trust them completely and have never been disappointed in their work or their demeanor. My wife and I have both been customers over the years and they treat both of us with the same level of respect.

--reviewer #97103, 2007

Johnny and Joe are the best! I've been servicing my "fleet" of Honda and Acura vehicles with Compact Car Service for years. I even took my car there while I was working at a Honda dealership. They're that good and honest. Here's a story for you: I had a problem with my power steering in an '89 Accord. It was the weekend and I was headed out of town, so I couldn't bring it in on Monday. Joe found out that I was headed out of town and found out what route I was taking. He met me on the side of the road, flagged me down, and fixed my car in a nearby parking lot! I was good to go. Now that is great service!

Donna L. Black

To Johnny and all the other employees, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me since 1998. I have always felt like I could TRUST you and that you were always honest with me.(Good news or bad news). My 1991 accord was a very good car for me over the years, you really keep it going for me.I have now bought a 2001 accord and Thanks to you, I was able to sell my other car very fast and without alot of hassle. I really do appreciate all the help! I'll being seeing you ASAP with another car to service!! THANKS AGAIN!!

Peter Wallens

Barr none, Johnny and his team are the best reason to own a Honda (aside from the obvious fact that you own a Honda). The nicest, fairest, most honest, and best tender loving care any Honda could ask for. I've owned Hondas since 1985, and the friends who introduced me to Compact Cars go further back & feel the same way.

Dave Newman

There is an unfortunate (yet all-too-true) adage in business that if you satisfy someone, they'll likely keep it to themselves...but if you upset them, they'll shout it out from the rooftops.

I want to buck that trend. I aim to acknowledge great service, and always give credit where it's due.

While going the extra mile to take care of me yesterday, Robin had given me an education regarding your lengthy history in Charlotte. There's much to be said for a company that has both happy customers and happy employees. That's who I want to do business with!

You and your people have consistently provided me such fair, honest and superlative treatment - I will actually limit future automobile purchases to Honda products, just so I can deal exclusively with Compact Car Service, Inc. for my maintenance and repair needs.

Y'all kick more ass than a cross-eyed Rockette. Seriously.

Thanks for everything!

Hoping not to see you again too soon (nothing personal),


Excellent experience. Wonderful service. Very knowledgeable about their products at an excellent value.

Valerie Jayson

Thank you once again for taking care of me and my 1994 accord EX! Yesterday, around 11:00am, I was on my way back to Raleigh and my car overheated on the side of 485. You guys graciously agreed to see me asap, fix the broken heater hose, and get me back on my way by 1:30. If the hose had to break, I am so glad it happened in Charlotte so I could bring it to you guys! I always know Ill get an accurate diagnosis at a fair price and lots of free advice and knowledge along the way! Johnny--thanks to you and your team for keeping our family in the 4 accords we have brought to you over the past 9 years. I am proud to say that my 94 accord ex now has 209,000 miles on it and still runs beautifully.

John Lindley

I have been a customer of Compact service for 18 years and have nothing but praise for their attitude, service, advice, and cost. Their ability to correct problems, at a low cost, timely manner, is unprecedented in this day and time. I have recommended them for years and no one has said anything but positive comments about their experiences there.


the best place, the best people, the best service AND the best price!!!!!

Phyliss Caldwell

Compact Cars is the absolute best place to have your Honda or Acura lies, no gimmicks!! Keith and Johnny are phenomenal!! If you want excellent service in a business you can trust...Compact Cars is the place!! Don't have a Honda or an Acura?! BUY is the best investment you will ever make!!!!!

Jeff Fullagar

I've been going to Compact Car for at least 10 years and they are awesome! They only do what needs to be done and don't up sell. They understand that if they take care of the customer now the customer will come back again and again. They don't play the games that so many other shops play. They are a mechanic to be trusted.

Randy Rimland

For over 20 years Compact Car service and the owner Johnny have been servicing my hondas. Johnny is the most honest mechanic I have ever known and he and his staff do great work. I would never go anywhere else. (they need more than 5 stars for compact car, maybe 10 would do)

Scott Schaefer

All services provided for multiple vehicles over the last 20 years. Beyond compare! Johnny and the fellow employees are the best! If you don't trust me, then do you trust Angie's List? Check it out!

Amy Hoy

I bought a 2002 Honda CR-V and had it serviced every 5000 miles at a dealership. I thought I was getting good service until my friend recommended Compact Car Care. Nobody compares to Compact Car Care. I wish I had known about them earlier. Not only do they take care of my car, they take care of me making sure I don't spend money on anything unnecessary. They also educate the customer about WHY your car makes "that noise" or HOW parts of your car work so that it makes sense. Now I don't panic at every little noise. I know what is normal, what isn't, and that it will be taken care of completely by the awesome staff at Compact Car Care. My only complaint - I can't send my husband's Subaru there!

Brandi Singleton

I cannot say enough about Compact Car Service. I am so lucky I found this place. I had no idea that this level of honesty still existed among car repair centers. The entire staff is so nice and helpful and the auto mechanics speak to you in terms that make sense and actually show you what is going on with your vehicle. On top of this they provide reasonable prices for their service. There is no where else I am going to take my Honda ever again. These guys are great at what they do and have great integrity for the business of auto repair. Thanks so much!